Stay informed about Russia’s latest news and developments with our concise news roundup covering politics, diplomacy, business, and social issues, providing insights into the world’s largest country.

Politics & Diplomacy:

  • Election Aftermath: Vladimir Putin secures a sixth term after Russia’s presidential election, sparking concerns about the fairness of the vote from Western observers.
  • Children Evacuation: The Kremlin plans to evacuate 9,000 children from a border region near Ukraine due to potential shelling threats.
  • Moldova Expels Diplomat: Moldova expels a Russian diplomat over the opening of polling stations in Transnistria during the recent election.
  • India Talks: President Putin discusses bilateral relations and Ukraine’s situation with Indian PM Narendra Modi.

Business & Economy:

  • New Navy Chief: Admiral Alexander Moiseyev becomes Russia’s new Navy head following warship losses in the Black Sea.
  • Visa Expansion Plans: Russia aims for visa-free travel with Gulf countries to boost tourism and economic ties.
  • Stock Market Stagnation: Russia’s stock market (RTS) remains flat amid ongoing international sanctions.
  • Retail Giant Eyes IPO: Vishal Mega Mart plans a $1 billion IPO, signaling expansion goals.

Other Top Stories:

  • IAF Tejas Crash: An Indian Air Force aircraft crash raises concerns about the Tejas program’s safety, affecting Russia-India military cooperation.
  • Fire Season Worries: Experts warn of an alarming wildfire season in Russia due to dry conditions and limited resources.
  • Essential Commodities Case: India’s Supreme Court hears a case challenging the government’s control over essential commodities, which could impact trade relations with Russia.

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