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Politics & Government:

  • Gun Violence Summit: President Biden hosts a bipartisan summit to address gun violence, focusing on background checks, red flag laws, and mental health resources.
  • Supreme Court Battle: Former President Trump seeks “absolute immunity” in a lawsuit concerning election result challenges.
  • Water Crisis Deepens: Bengaluru’s water scarcity crisis impacts independent house owners, potentially affecting Indian-American communities.

Business & Economy:

  • Rising Car Insurance: Reports indicate continued increases in car insurance costs across various states in 2024.
  • McDonald’s Lawsuit: A discrimination lawsuit involving a transgender powerlifter against a Minnesota McDonald’s franchise progresses to state court.
  • Retail Giant IPO: Indian retail chain Vishal Mega Mart’s $1 billion IPO plans could impact global retail markets, including the US.

Other Top Stories:

  • Deadly Texas Walmart Shooting: The Texas Walmart shooter agrees to a substantial settlement with victims’ families.
  • BYU Speech Controversy: Brigham Young University introduces a potentially controversial speech as part of student orientation.
  • Measles Outbreak: The CDC issues an alert as measles cases in 2024 match the total for the previous year in the US.

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