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Political Updates:

  • Kavitha’s Custody Continues: MLC Kavitha, in custody over the liquor policy case, sees ongoing demands for release from her party, the BRS.
  • Congress Stands for Muslim Reservations: Telangana Congress reaffirms support for maintaining 4% reservations for Muslims in government sectors.
  • Eco-Tourism Focus: Telangana plans eco-tourism projects to promote sustainable practices and protect natural resources.

Business and Development:

  • Power Tariff Extension: TSERC extends current power tariff structure, providing relief to consumers.
  • Vishal Mega Mart’s IPO Plans: Vishal Mega Mart eyes a $1 billion IPO, reflecting economic confidence.
  • Youth Skill Development: State initiatives focus on training youth in IT, manufacturing, and renewable energy sectors.

Social Issues Highlight:

  • CAA Rules Protests: Opposition and student groups protest CAA rules, expressing concerns about discrimination.
  • Health Awareness Campaigns: New campaigns promote preventive healthcare for diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Other Significant Headlines:

  • KCR’s Son-in-Law Faces Arrest: An arrest warrant is issued for Kavitha’s husband in the liquor policy case.
  • Aarey Forest Case Verdict Awaited: Supreme Court decision on Aarey Forest’s development plans has broader environmental implications.
  • Cultural Celebrations: Vibrant Holi and local festivals unite Telangana communities in cultural festivities.

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