Catch up on the latest developments in Russia with our daily news roundup. We cover political news, military updates, and sports headlines, providing a concise overview of what’s making news today.

Military Operation in Ukraine:

  • Destroying Drones: The TASS news agency reports that Russian forces have destroyed over 15,000 military drones since the beginning of the operation in Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian Infrastructure: There are ongoing reports of targeted strikes against Ukrainian military infrastructure.

Diplomacy and International Relations:

  • Macron to Visit Kyiv: French President Emmanuel Macron reportedly plans to visit Kyiv in the coming weeks, signaling continued diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict.
  • Tensions with Lithuania: Lithuania has enacted a ban on cars with Russian license plates, further straining relations between the two countries.
  • German Missiles to Ukraine: There are discussions within the German government regarding the potential transfer of Taurus missiles to Ukraine, a move that has drawn criticism from Russia.

Domestic News:

  • Unemployment Rate Down: Deputy Prime Minister Golikova has announced a 20% decrease in unemployment in Russia over the past six years.
  • Maslenitsa Celebrations: Russia is currently celebrating Maslenitsa, a week-long festival leading up to Great Lent, known for its traditional pancakes and festivities.

Sports News:

  • Olympic Committee: The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has raised concerns about the “growing politicization of sport” regarding the continued exclusion of Russian athletes from some competitions.
  • Neutrality for Russians: The IOC has stated that Russians and Belarusians will be allowed to compete in the upcoming Paris Olympics under a neutral flag.
  • Fencing Controversy: Ukrainian fencer Olha Kharlan was disqualified for refusing to shake hands with her Russian opponent, sparking debate about sportsmanship and political tensions.

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