Catch up on the latest developments in Russia with our daily news roundup. We cover political news, military updates, and other noteworthy stories, providing a concise overview of what’s making news today.

Military Operation in Ukraine:

Intensified Fighting: Reports indicate a significant increase in shelling and rocket attacks along the eastern Ukrainian frontlines. Both sides are accused of heavy artillery use.

Civilian Casualties Rise: The ongoing fighting continues to inflict a devastating toll on Ukrainian civilians, with rising casualty figures reported in recently liberated areas.

Diplomatic Efforts Stalled: Despite international pressure, negotiations between Russia and Ukraine seem to be at a standstill, raising concerns about a prolonged conflict.

Domestic News:

Presidential Inauguration: Following his re-election, Vladimir Putin is expected to be inaugurated for his fourth term as President of Russia in a ceremony scheduled for early May.

Economic Sanctions Impact: Western sanctions targeting Russia’s economy are beginning to show a significant impact, with reports of rising prices and shortages of certain goods.

Anti-War Protests Continue: Despite a crackdown on dissent, small-scale protests against the war in Ukraine continue to take place in various Russian cities.

International Relations:

Tensions with West Remain High: Relations between Russia and Western nations remain strained, with diplomatic expulsions and economic sanctions creating a highly tense atmosphere.

Focus on BRICS Cooperation: Russia is expected to strengthen its ties with other BRICS nations (Brazil, India, China, and South Africa) as a counterweight to Western influence.

Cybersecurity Concerns: Cybersecurity experts warn of increased risks of cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure in both Russia and the West.

Other Top Stories:

Space Launch: Russia plans to launch a new Soyuz spacecraft carrying astronauts to the International Space Station in the coming weeks.

National Ice Hockey Championship: The Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) playoffs are in full swing, with teams vying for the coveted Gagarin Cup championship title.

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