Indian Constitution:

  1. Which Fundamental Right guarantees the freedom to practice any religion? (Answer: Article 25 – Right to Freedom of Religion)
  2. A recent Supreme Court judgement sparked debate on the enforceability of which Directive Principle? (Possible answers could be Right to Education, Uniform Civil Code – Depending on current affairs)

Indian History:

  1. Identify the leader who championed the concept of “Swaraj” during the Indian Independence Movement. (Answer: Mahatma Gandhi)
  2. The recent discovery of a new inscription sheds light on the reign of which emperor in Medieval India? (This would depend on recent archaeological news)

Indian Polity:

  1. What is the current Lok Sabha speaker’s name? (Note: This can change depending on the date of your exam, so find the most recent speaker)
  2. Explain the role of the Rajya Sabha in the Indian Parliament.


  1. Name the recent initiative launched by the Indian government to address water scarcity challenges. (Answer: Jal Jeevan Mission)
  2. Which country recently experienced a major earthquake? (This would depend on recent news)


  1. What is the current Union Budget’s focus area? (This would depend on the latest budget presented)
  2. Explain the concept of “stagflation” and its potential impact on the Indian economy.

Current Affairs:

  1. A recent international summit focused on tackling climate change was held in which city? (This would depend on recent summits)
  2. Name the Indian athlete who recently won a gold medal in a major sporting event. (This would depend on recent sporting events)


  1. Scientists successfully completed the first test flight of which reusable spacecraft? (This would depend on recent space news)
  2. Explain the concept of “biodiversity” and its importance for a healthy ecosystem.

Art & Culture:

  1. Which Indian classical dance form recently received UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage status? (This would depend on recent cultural news)
  2. Identify the monument recently selected for India’s tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


  1. Which sport will make its debut at the upcoming Asian Games? (This would depend on recent sporting announcements)
  2. Name the current captain of the Indian cricket team.

Remember: These are just examples, and actual GK questions can vary depending on the specific exam and current events. Stay updated on news and current affairs to be well-prepared!

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