In recent months, there has been much talk and speculation about the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Some rumors suggest he is seriously unwell, while others even claim he’s been replaced by body doubles at public events. On October 24, 2023, the Kremlin addressed these concerns, firmly denying reports of Putin’s cardiac arrest and the use of body doubles, with Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov describing such claims as “absurd” and stating that Putin is in good health.

Origins of Health Concerns

The reports about Putin’s health issues emerged from a Telegram channel notorious for anti-Kremlin propaganda. According to this source, Putin had collapsed in his bedroom on October 22 and was taken to the hospital. Additionally, they alleged that he had been replaced by body doubles for several months.

Kremlin’s Response

The Kremlin has categorically refuted all of these claims. Dmitry Peskov clarified that Putin had a busy schedule on October 22 and 23, during which he met with numerous foreign leaders. He also noted that Putin was preparing for a significant speech scheduled for October 25.

Assessing Putin’s Health

Determining Putin’s actual health status is challenging, primarily because the Kremlin is known for its secrecy concerning his well-being. There is the possibility that they might be concealing any severe health problems. Nevertheless, Putin has been an active president in recent years, traveling extensively, engaging with foreign leaders, and delivering lengthy speeches. This level of activity seems incompatible with the notion of serious illness, making it more plausible that he is indeed in good health.


The Kremlin has firmly rejected all reports of Putin’s ill health and underlined his demanding schedule. While it remains difficult to definitively ascertain Putin’s health, it appears unlikely that he could sustain his current level of activity if he were seriously unwell.

Speculation regarding Putin’s health stems from various factors, including his age (he is 70 years old), recent weight gain, and occasional erratic behavior. Some analysts have even raised concerns about potential neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. However, it’s important to note that there is no concrete evidence supporting these claims, as Putin is famously private about his health.

The ongoing speculation about Putin’s health holds significant implications for both Russia and the global stage. A severe illness or his passing could result in a power vacuum in Russia, potentially leading to instability. Moreover, it could greatly impact Russia’s foreign policy, as Putin is a powerful figure, and his absence would be a considerable setback to Russia’s global influence.

Until Putin leaves office or other developments occur, the speculation concerning his health will likely persist. The world will continue to watch and wait for any changes in the status of the Russian president.

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