Disney+ Hotstar is a super popular streaming platform in India, boasting a whopping 50 million subscribers. What makes it special is its rich variety of content in various languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, and Marathi.

The CEO of Disney+ Hotstar, Uday Shankar, recently made a statement that really stands out: the platform is here to serve “many Indias, not one.” But what exactly does this mean?

India is like a tapestry woven from many threads, with over 20 official languages and an array of cultures and traditions. Serving “many Indias, not one” means Disney+ Hotstar must provide content that mirrors this diversity.

Here’s how Disney+ Hotstar accomplishes this:

1. Multilingual Content: Disney+ Hotstar offers content in several languages. You can enjoy original shows like the Hindi “Aarya” or the Tamil “Navarasa.” They also provide international content dubbed into multiple languages.

2. Broad Audience Appeal: The platform caters to different age groups, genders, and economic backgrounds. There’s content for kids, like “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” and for adults, like “Special Ops” and “Hostages.”

3. Cultural Sensitivity: Disney+ Hotstar respects the cultural and religious sensibilities of its audience. They offer a “kids mode” to filter out inappropriate content and a “religious mode” to respect different faiths.

Here are some examples of Disney+ Hotstar content that embody “many Indias, not one”:

  • Aarya: A Hindi-language series about a woman who takes over her husband’s drug empire after he is assassinated.
  • Navarasa: A Tamil-language anthology series that explores nine different human emotions.
  • Special Ops: A Hindi-language crime drama series about a team of RAW agents who are tasked with preventing a terrorist attack in India.
  • Hostages: A Hindi-language thriller series about a surgeon who is forced to operate on a terrorist leader in exchange for the safety of his family.
  • Koffee with Karan: A Hindi-language talk show hosted by Karan Johar, in which he interviews Bollywood celebrities.
  • Criminal Justice: A Hindi-language crime drama series about a lawyer who takes on the case of a man who is accused of murder.
  • City of Dreams: A Hindi-language political drama series about the power struggles within a wealthy family.
  • Out of Love: A Hindi-language thriller series about a married couple whose relationship is tested when the wife discovers that her husband is having an affair.
  • November Story: A Hindi-language crime drama series about the investigation into the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks.
  • Little Things: A Hindi-language romantic comedy series about a young couple who are navigating the ups and downs of their relationship.
  • Kota Factory: A Hindi-language comedy-drama series about a group of students who are preparing for competitive exams in Kota, Rajasthan.
  • Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors: A Hindi-language crime drama series about a lawyer who takes on the case of a woman who is accused of killing her husband.

These are just a snippet of how Disney+ Hotstar serves India’s diversity. By offering content in various languages, considering different age groups, and respecting cultural sensitivities, they show their dedication to the Indian market and its people.

Disney+ Hotstar is setting a commendable example for other businesses in India, demonstrating the importance of reflecting the country’s rich diversity in their offerings.

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