Stay sharp on current events! Answer these questions based on today’s breaking news and deepen your understanding of global and national issues.

Instructions: Answer the following questions based on the information provided.

  1. India: A major political party in India recently released its manifesto ahead of upcoming elections. Which party is it and what are some key promises included in their manifesto?
  2. International Relations: Two European nations are facing legal issues related to their economies. Which companies/industries are involved and what are the accusations?
  3. Crime & Safety: A concerning health trend is seeing a rise in cases in the United States. What is the illness and what is being done to address it?
  4. Science & Technology: A historic event might be taking place in the United States healthcare system. What is the development and what impact could it have?
  5. War & Conflict: Fighting continues in Eastern Europe. Which countries are involved and what region is experiencing renewed conflict?

Answer Key:

  1. Answer: The DMK party in India unveiled its manifesto, promising free education for girls, a ban on NEET (medical entrance exam), and statehood for Puducherry.
  2. Answer: The Department of Justice in the US filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple, alleging its iPhone ecosystem operates as an illegal monopoly. In Russia, a major gas supply deal with China faces scrutiny due to logistical challenges and international pressure.
  3. Answer: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a renewed measles alert as confirmed cases in the US in 2024 already equal the total for all of 2023. Vaccination efforts are being emphasized.
  4. Answer: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced coverage for Wegovy, a medication used for weight loss and management in patients with certain risk factors. This could be a significant development for weight management options.
  5. Answer: Intensified fighting is erupting in eastern Ukraine as Russian forces continue their offensive in the Donbas region. Civilian casualties are reported.

Bonus Question:

  1. Breaking News: Many countries and regions around the world face water scarcity concerns. Briefly discuss two areas mentioned today that are experiencing water shortages.

Bonus Answer: Bengaluru, India, faces a potential water shortage of 500 million liters per day, raising concerns about water management in the city. Telangana High Court also expressed concern over a report highlighting the poor state of water bodies in Hyderabad.

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