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Politics & Law:

  • Fulton County Prosecutor Continues Trump Case: Judge rejects recusal, allowing Fani Willis to prosecute Donald Trump for alleged election interference.
  • Senate Considers TikTok Ban: Bill addressing national security concerns with TikTok awaits Senate decision.
  • Supreme Court Reviews Commodities Act: Legal implications of government control over essential commodities under scrutiny.

Science & Technology:

  • Starship Rocket Test Launch: SpaceX’s Starship rocket undergoes a successful test launch despite re-entry issues.
  • Progress in Fusion Energy: Researchers report advancements in sustained fusion reactions, offering potential for clean energy.

Other Top Stories:

  • Bengaluru’s Water Crisis Deepens: Independent house owners face water cuts amidst severe scarcity in Bengaluru.
  • Ed Sheeran’s Mumbai Visit Sparks Rumors: Speculation rises over potential collaborations with Indian artists after Ed Sheeran’s visit.
  • Trial Commences for School Shooter’s Parents: Historic trial begins in Michigan, holding parents accountable for school shooting negligence.

Business & Economy:

  • Stock Market Sees Marginal Gains: Dow Jones and S&P 500 show cautious optimism, reflecting market sentiment.
  • Vishal Mega Mart Plans IPO: Retail giant aims to raise $1 billion through IPO, indicating growth aspirations.

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