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Politics & Government:

  • Congress Announces Second Candidate List: Telangana Congress releases its second list of Lok Sabha election candidates, aiming to strengthen its position against the BRS party.
  • Ex-Governor BJP Candidate? Speculation arises as former Telangana Governor C. P. Radhakrishnan is rumored to contest Lok Sabha elections as a BJP candidate, potentially influencing state politics significantly.

Crime & Safety:

  • CCTV Footage Captures School Robbery: Police investigate a robbery at a Hyderabad school after CCTV footage captures thieves stealing ₹7.85 lakh.

Infrastructure & Development:

  • Traffic Restrictions Extended Near IKEA: Hyderabad extends traffic restrictions near IKEA to manage congestion effectively.

Other Top Stories:

  • Teenager Develops AI Tool for Alzheimer’s Patients: A 17-year-old from Hyderabad creates an AI device to assist Alzheimer’s patients in their daily routines, offering hope for improved dementia care.
  • Telangana High Court Orders Inquiry: The High Court orders an investigation into alleged irregularities in Aasara pensions distribution, a welfare scheme for the underprivileged.

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