Keep yourself updated with the latest news from Russia, covering politics, war, economy, and social issues shaping the nation.

War in Ukraine:

  • Intense Fighting in Eastern Ukraine: The conflict in eastern Ukraine escalates with heavy shelling and clashes, causing civilian casualties amid ongoing Russian military operations in the Donbas region. (Developing Story)
  • Zelensky’s Determination on Crimea: Ukrainian President Zelensky reaffirms his determination to reclaim Crimea, a move that heightens tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

Politics & Diplomacy:

  • Putin’s Address to Parliament: President Putin delivers his annual address to the Federal Assembly, where he’s expected to outline Russia’s domestic and foreign policies for the upcoming year. (Developing Story)
  • Global Condemnation of Repression: Leaders from Western nations criticize Russia for recent political arrests, highlighting concerns about human rights violations.

Economy & Sanctions:

  • Impact of Sanctions on Russia: The effects of Western sanctions become more pronounced as Russia experiences shortages of goods and rising inflation, reflecting the economic pressure on the country.
  • Scrutiny on Russia-China Gas Deal: Challenges and international pressure cast doubt on the feasibility of a significant gas supply agreement between Russia and China.

Other Top Stories:

  • Investigation into Spacecraft Launch Failure: Roscosmos continues investigating the failed launch of an Angara rocket, a setback for Russia’s space program.
  • Arrests of Environmental Activists: Moscow authorities detain environmental activists protesting against an Arctic oil pipeline project, highlighting tensions between development and environmental concerns.

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