As the trust vote unfolds live, the fate of Nitish Kumar’s government and the Bihar Assembly Speaker hangs in the balance. Follow our extensive coverage with analysis, updates and reactions.

Political tension has reached its peak in Bihar as the much-awaited floor test begins, aimed at deciding the fate of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s government and controversial Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha. All eyes are on the live proceedings, Here’s everything you need to know:

key players:

  • Nitish Kumar: Chief Minister of Bihar, leading the Janata Dal (United) and its allies.
  • Vijay Kumar Sinha: Former Speaker of Bihar Assembly, is facing no-confidence motion.
  • BJP: The main opposition party is demanding Sinha’s removal and potentially trying to topple the government.

Current Scenario:

  • No-confidence motion against Sinha: This will be voted on first, if passed, Sinha can potentially be removed.
  • Trust vote for Nitish Kumar: After Sinha’s vote, the stability of the government will be tested through the trust vote.
  • High drama and uncertainty: Political maneuvering, last-minute defections, and intense lobbying mark the backdrop of this high-stakes political battle.

live update:

  • (Time): In Sinha’s absence, Deputy Speaker Maheshwar Hazari presides over the Assembly.
  • (Time): Debate on no-confidence motion against Sinha begins, heated debate and allegations and counter-allegations in the House.
  • (Time): Voting begins on no-confidence motion. Stay tuned for live updates on the results.


  • Sinha’s fate: His removal may pave the way for an easy trust vote for Nitish Kumar. However, a successful no-confidence vote could embolden the opposition and lead to further political instability.
  • Nitish Kumar’s government: Winning the trust vote ensures continued governance, but a close margin could indicate internal dissent and vulnerability.
  • BJP’s strategy: Toppling the government could pave the way for new elections or formation of an alternative government.


  • Nitish Kumar Supporter: Hope for decisive victory and stable governance.
  • BJP leaders: They are expressing confidence in their strategy and demanding change.
  • Citizens: are concerned about the outcome and its potential impact on political stability and development.

Stay tuned to us for further updates and analysis as the floor test begins in Bihar. Remember, this is a dynamic situation, and the final outcome could have a significant impact on the political landscape of Bihar.

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