WWE SmackDown big Results – 12/4/20 (Roman Reigns, JE Uso vs. Kevin Owens, Otis, and more)

WWE SmackDown Results – 12/4/20 (Roman Reigns, JE Uso vs. Kevin Owens, Otis, and more)

WWE SmackDown big Results – 12/4/20 (Roman Reigns, JE Uso vs. Kevin Owens, Otis, and more)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
4 December 2020
Orlando, Florida (Amway Center)
Commentary: Michael Cole and Corey Graves

WWE SmackDown big Results - 12/4/20 (Roman Reigns, JE Uso vs. Kevin Owens, Otis, and more)
WWE SmackDown big Results – 12/4/20 (Roman Reigns, JE Uso vs. Kevin Owens, Otis, and more)

The picture honoring Pat Patterson is on display with the WWE Superstar, offering actors such as Vince McMahon and Gerald Briscoe.

Kayla Braxton is in the ring as she welcomes all and sundry to SmackDown. She facets WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in the ring, naming her achievements in WWE. Roman made his way into the ring with Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. WWE SmackDown

Roman tells Kayla that she forgot praise as Heyman jumps in and ends the introduction. Kayla says the Romans have ended up a commanding determine in the WWE Thunderdome and what took place the remaining week. We see a clip of closing week’s exhibit in which Jae is going up in opposition to Kevin Owens. WWE SmackDown

She asks Roman if he is afraid of Kevin. Roman laughs and tells her that this is in all likelihood the most-watched issue he has ever been a section of and he asks her dull questions. They have any individual like Michael Cole who may want to have requested them questions, however, instead, they waste it on him. subsequent question

Kayla asks if he is the usage of Jae as a pawn and molesting her. The Romans say they are dull people. Does he seem like any individual who cunning? He is a keeper, a provider. J, one of the largest tag group of his generation, however, what has he performed in the final few months? Has he finished any research? They supply him an exquisite opportunity. And she ruins it in her first two questions. WWE SmackDown

Heyman has been reducing and says thatbyh his buddies at Fox, Jae Uso has been all yr lengthy as rankings have long passed up due to being in the important event. Roman is a motivator.

Kevin Owens tune hits and out comes Kevin Owens. He says that the remaining week he made it clear that he is now not afraid of them and why they wait until tonight. They can deal with it properly now. Kevin receives in the ring.

J tells him that they run the show, they admit, is easy. Kevin displays that he was once no longer speaking to the Bose boy, he used to be speakme to the head of the table. He asks Roman if now not now, TLC. He is the head of the table, let’s get a desk there, a ladder, chairs. Put the title on the line and they can organize it like men. Or they combat now. WWE SmackDown

Had a Roman goose. He says they do now not returned down or concern anyone. They take delivery of and he is fortunate due to the fact if he used to be the man he used to be, he would kill him. But there is a time and a region for everything. He is a gentleman, a lady in the ring. He throws the microphone and leaves the ring.

J tells Roman that he may additionally have overstepped once more this time. Roman tells him that he is aware of the intended nicely however that the entirety he does has penalties after Roman is gone.

Belle vs Natalia

Bianca joined the Belair commentary team. The bell rings and we are walking. Belle finds Natalia caught between the ropes and on the ring apron. A stunner on the 2nd rope knocks Natalya out. Belle with a dropkick, as she speaks trash to Bianca. Natalya throws Belle into the ring steps.

Back from the commercial, Belle with a walking knee to the face observed via a clothesline. Belle goes for a knee to the face however Natalya receives out of the way. He sharpshoots at the barley, as the barley faucets outside.

Winner: Natalya

Big E, Daniel Bryan and Ray Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura

The bell rings and we are walking. Nakamura and Ray begin the match. A storm using Ray takes Nakamura down. Big E is tagged in Dolph. Big E downs Ziggler. Daniel Bryan is tagged. Bryan is off the pinnacle rope with a double. An armbar by using Brian and then an uppercase. WWE SmackDown

Bryan with a shoulder, however, Sami receives Daniel on the ropes as Ziggler hits Bryan from behind. Brian walks on the ropes and does a suicide dive on Zion. Bryan climbs the pinnacle rope however Ziggler with a dropkick knocks him down.

Back from the commercial, the two are down, alongside Brian and Ziegler with a double clothesline. Nakamura and Big E had been tagged. Bailey a stomach by way of Big E.

A massive splash via Big E as he goes to ship Nakamura to the ropes however Nakamura with a kick. He runs closer to Big E however Big E slams him onto Matt. He goes for the cowl however Ziggler breaks it. Ziggler on the ring apron, Big E runs in the direction of him however as a knee to the face. Sami is tagged as Big E, however, he hits a shoulder to a spear.

Remy is tagged as he lands the storm on Sami. He runs closer to Sami however Sami counts it into a thundering bomb. Ziggler tagged along. He goes for a splash however Ray receives out of the way. Bryan is tagged in and knees jogging on Ziggler. Yes, a kick by way of Brian. Bryan places Ziggler on the pinnacle rope. Bryan storms off the pinnacle rope however Ziggler reverses it into a cowl Bryan kicks.

Brian goes for the backslide however Ziggler kicks outside. A kick to the face by way of Bryan and then a kick from behind. He goes for some other kick, however Ziggler geese and lands. He goes for the cowl however Big E breaks him. The different 4 contestants are involved. Sami tags herself. Ziggler goes for the superkick however Bryan receives out of the way. Kanye’s walking knee as Sami goes for a roll from at the back of however Bryan reverses it into a sure lock Sami receives his foot on the rope.

Sami kicks after Brain buster. He goes for the cowl however Brian reverses it into the cover, Sami escapes from it. As quickly as he finds a pin inner the cradle with the aid of Brian. WWE SmackDown

Winner: Ray Mysterio, Big E, and Daniel Bryan

All six guys are face to face in the ring. Nakamura and Sami are thrown out as Ziggler is face to face with the three men. He shook his hand and begged Rahm for them. An atomic drop by way of Bryan as Ziggler falls on the 2d rope and 619 with the aid of Mysterio. Big E with Big Ending.

Kayla is behind the scenes with Kevin Owens and asks him about their fit at TLC. Owens says that what bothers him about Roman is that he revered him. He was once in no way the form of a man who sees humans or has his locker room. however no longer anymore. He would not recognize if it is Heyman however it is vile. Owens says he now tries to be well mannered because, except them, there is no one there. WWE SmackDown

Otis asks Kevin to leave. Otis tells Kevin that what he stated about Roman is correct due to the fact Roman does now not admire him. WWE SmackDown

Sasha and Carmella are being interviewed. The interview is set to start with Carmella, but Sasha says she has something to say. Sasha says that Carmella continues to assault her from behind, he cares for her. Cole asks Sasha how Carmella used to be like him. She used to do all this for the WWE universe and if they suppose they are the same. Sasha laughed.

They have been coaching collectively because of the overall performance center. Sasha says that Carmela is the first girl to win cash at the bank. Sasha says the fact is one of the motives she has by no means confronted one on one and is out of her league. No count number how a great deal Carmella tries, she will in no way be in her league.

Carmela says that if she desires to be personal, then to be personal. Carmella says that Sasha is jealous. Sasha had a dream when she was once a little girl. But then there it is. On one affair, PC walks in and will become a star. With 1/2 the work, she is higher than that. She has been on the SmackDown Women’s Title longer than United’s Sasha’s reign. She appears at Carmela, she sees every man’s desire. She will take her title.

Sasha says that if Carmella wishes a hazard at the SmackDown Women’s Championship, she has TLC. She has by no means been in the ring with Bader It. WWE SmackDown

Murphy with two henchmen with the Mysterio household vs. Baron Corbin

The bell rings and we are walking. Corbin receives Murphy in the nook and a shoulder to the body. He throws Murphy throughout the ring. Corbin throws him again into the ring as Murphy on the ring apron. Corbin goes for a kick however Murphy receives out of the way. A jaw-breaker by using Murphy going to the ring apron.

Murphy climbs to the pinnacle rope however Corbin grabs Murphy who fights lower back with the aid of kicking Corbin. A sundown flip using however Corbin blocks it. A knee to the physique using Corbin. He sends Murphy to the ropes as Murphy sends Corbin out of the ring. A kick in the face via Murphy leads Corbin to the outside. Murphy out of the ring as Corbin pushed him into the ring apron and threw him into the time keeper’s area.

Back from the commercial, Corbin slams Murphy to the mat. He goes for the cowl however Murphy kicks a kick. Two henchmen go face to face with the Mysterio family. Blake and Cutler are two henchmen. Back in the ring, Corbin’s right-hand takes Murphy down.

Corbin goes for any other proper hand however Murphy geese and grabs a sleeper at Corbin however Corbin slams Murphy into the corner. Murphy on the 2d rope as he kicks the dropkick. A kick was rf Murphy. A flying knee to the face with the aid of Murphy knocks Corbin outwards. Corbin as Murphy climbs the pinnacle rope in the ring.

Blake and Cutler assault the Mysterio family. Murphy is out and again in the ring as Corbin kills him with the End of Days. He goes for the cowl and receives the pin. WWE SmackDown

Winner: Baron Corbin

Street earnings are behind the curtain and publicize the fundamental event. Robert Rude arrives who says he and Ziggler defeated his final week. In Cesaro it is stated that he and Nakamura are the first-class team. The Street Profits exhibit their tag crew titles.

Jay Uso with Kevin Owens and Otis vs Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman

Roman Rains do no longer make their way into the ring. The bell rings and we are walking. Otis slams Jae into the mat. Right hand through Otis as he throws Jae in the corner. Otis has no other proper hand as he throws Jae into the ring.

With the proper hand, Jae walks on the ropes, however, a clothesline by way of Otis leads Jae down. Otis goes for the spear however Jae receives out of the way. Kevin Owens has been tagged. Oni’s proper hand is on JE however J sends Owens into the nook and a Samoa drop. Roman’s song is a hit and he accompanies Paul Heyman. WWE SmackDown

The ring apron is ruled. An Injury and each guy are down through Owens on JE. Roman receives into the ring and kicks a superman punch to Otis as he exits the ring. He slammed Otis into the ring apron and into the announce table. He throws Otis in the ring publish and the metal steps.

Roman grabs the step and hits Otis. Owens assaults Roman from behind. He throws Roman at the announcement desk as Jay hits Owens with a suicide dive.

Back from Commercial, J was once tagged in the ring as they have been double team, Kevin Owens. Jenny runs closer to Owens in the nook however Owens receives out of the way. With a cannonball. A clothesline via Ovens was observed via a Saint. Owens with a DDT. He goes for the cowl however Jay kicks.

A Samoan drop with the aid of Owens on J. Roman distracts Owens as Janes’ Owens. On the pinnacle rope as Roman tells Jae to let him down and tag him. Jae climbs to the pinnacle rope and grabs Owens however Owens kills him and knocks Roman down. He kills J with a stunner. He goes for the cowl however Roman breaks him.

Roman calls for the bell with the guillotine as the referee. WWE SmackDown

Winner: In disqualification, Kevin Owens and Otis
Jae grabbed two metal chairs from outside. Roman hits Kevin with a chair and Jay hits him with a chair. He tells J that he has to repeat himself. He tells Kevin Owens that he desired his attention, now he has the interest of the complete world. WWE SmackDown

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