Now job Tension Free, together with SBI, earn 90 thousand rupees every month

Now job Tension Free, together with SBI, earn 90 thousand rupees every month

Business Idea: If you are looking for employment or want to start your own business, then this news is for you. Actually you can easily earn 90 thousand rupees with SBI State Bank of India (SBI) Now job Tension Free

Nowadays, the house does not work in the job and if there is no job then the situation becomes worse. Every person wants to increase his income. If you also want to increase your earnings, then we are going to tell you about such a business from which you can easily earn a lot. Through this, you can easily earn 50 to 60 thousand rupees a month sitting at home. Now job Tension Free

Now job tension Tension Free
Now job Tension Free

SBI is offering ATM Franchisee

Let us tell you that State Bank of India (SBI) is giving you a great opportunity. You can earn good money by taking SBI ATM Franchisee. SBI does not set up its own ATM. It gives companies to set up ATMs at different places on contract basis.


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SBI ATM Franchisee Terms

  1. First of all you should have 50 to 80 square feet space.
  2. This place should be on the ground floor, so that it is visible to all.
  3. It should have one kilowatt electricity connection with 24 hours power supply.
  4. The capacity of ATM (Automated teller machine) should be around 300 transactions per day.
  5. Local administration will have to issue No Objection Certificate for installation of ATM machine. Now job tension Tension Free

List of Documents for SBI ATM

ID Proof (for sbi ATM) : Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter Card

Address Proof: Ration Card, Electricity Bill
Bank account and passbook

Photograph, E-mail ID, Phone Number
gst number
financial documents
other documents Now job tension Tension Free

Apply here for ATM Franchisee

There are various companies that provide ATM Franchisee services. The top service providers are Tata Indicash, Muthoot ATM and India One ATM. You can also apply online for ATM Franchisee by visiting the official website of the companies. At the same time, you can easily apply for SBI ATM by visiting the official website of the bank. Now job tension Tension Free.

Now job tension Tension Free
Now job Tension Free

Earning from ATM Franchisee

You get Rs.8 on every cash transaction and Rs.2 on non-cash transaction. The return on investment varies between 33-50 percent on an annual basis.

For example, if you understand it in this way, if 250 transactions are done every day through your ATM.

In which 65 percent are cash transactions and 35 percent are non-cash transactions, then the earning per month will be around 45 thousand. On the other hand, earning more than 500 transactions per day will be 80 to 90 thousand.

Now job Tension Free, together with SBI

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