Nia Sharma informed Ravi Dubey ‘Best Kisser’, now spouse Sargun Mehta gave such a big reaction

Nia Sharma informed Ravi Dubey ‘Best Kisser’, now spouse Sargun Mehta gave such a reaction

Actress Nia Sharma and Ravi Dubey gave very intimate scenes and underwater kissing scenes in the net collection ‘Jamai 2.0’. After this, Nia described Ravi as the ‘best kisser’ in an event. On this Ravi Dubey’s wife, Sargun Mehta has given a reaction.

Nia Sharma, the most famous actress on TV, is in the dialogue about her net collection ‘Jamai 2.0’. In this serial, she is taking part in the lead function and she is accompanied by means of actor Ravi Dubey in the lead role. Recently, he has cited Ravi Dubey. He stated in an match that Ravi Dubey is the ‘best kisser’. The video of this announcement has long gone viral on social media.

Fans are reacting to this announcement of Nia. Not solely this, Ravi and his spouse Sargun Mehta have been additionally amazed by means of Nia’s declaration like this. Actually, in a net series, Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma have given many intimate scenes, along with an underwater kissing scene. When Nia has given him the title of ‘Best Kisser’, Ravi has taken it positively and he additionally thanked Nia for this.

Goose mendacity down observing a video

In an interview to Times Now, Ravi Dubey said, “I opened my mouth after listening to Nia. I recognize ladies a lot and Nia is aware of this too. Even I and Sargun additionally recognize Nia a lot. And when Sargun noticed that video, we laughed due to the fact we know, we each recognize him well. And what can I say? “
There is nothing wrong

Ravi spoke back to Nia’s ‘Best Kisser’ title. He stated with a laugh, “I am taking it as a compliment. I would say anything, say, Nia, let Nia be Nia and it conjures up me to appreciate her even more. So there is some thing in this Not evil and no longer negative. “

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