Jaan Kumar Sanu is so excited to go Bigg Boss 14 to meet Salman Khan and he said his dream become true

Jaan Kumar Sanu, the tune of Kumar Sanu, one of Bollywood’s most versatile singers, is all set to entertain the target market with his melodious voice in Bigg Boss 14 ‘. The budding singer appeared extraordinarily excited and fantastic as she gave a lovely overall performance singing her father’s well-known songs at the grand premiere of ‘Bigg Boss 14’.
Salman khan and Jaan Kumar sanu

Talking about making his location in the Bigg Boss 14 house, Jaan Kumar Sanu said, “I have continually been a large fan of Bigg Boss. The scale of the exhibit is huge. I understand many humans who watch it religiously each day when it is aired.

How can I refuse this possibility of a lifetime? Till ultimate season, my mom and I watched it collectively at night. We met our commitments on the day so that we should sit down and watch the show. Now that I am a participant, it feels real. I am excited and anxious at the identical time, I do no longer comprehend how my ride will unfold however I promise the target market a lot of music, entertainment, and positivity ”

Jaaan Kumar Sanu, who is presently underneath quarantine, feels that the 12 months 2020 has organized him for Bigg Boss house. He says, “This 12 months has given us a lot of exercise to remain in Bigg Boss residence and by some means it has helped me.” Kumar Sanu find that he is COVID positive.

But he is taking all the essential precautions earlier than the show. “I locate myself all calm and geared up which is the contrary of what is occurring in the country. With the epidemic all around, I take outstanding care to hold myself safe. Getting suit is getting tougher due to the fact I have to work outdoor my room. I am no longer being allowed to go away my hotel. “

Bigg Boss is one of the largest Indian actuality TV suggests and Jaan says that he expects a lot of desirable matters from it. The fan following of the exhibit is incomparable and unmatched. I take this as an chance to join with my voice and make certain get right of entry to to people. My expectations are superb and expectations are high, ”he says, including that this year’s tagline‘ Ab sein palate ’is relevant to him as he is beginning his complete experience and profession from the Bigg Boss show.

Jaan Kumar Sanu is so excited to go Bigg Boss 14 to meet Salman Khan and he said his dream become true
Jaan Kumar Sanu is so excited to go Bigg Boss 14 to meet Salman Khan and he said his dream become true

While the exhibit is famous for its controversies, human beings additionally dangle to it to see love tales blossoming amongst some contestants. Every season, at least, one couple that will increase the show’s TRP. However, getting love is no longer on Jaan’s agenda. He says,

“When it comes to love, I get a little old.” It would be dull to center of attention on discovering love at domestic however yes, I am keen to make many top notch buddies at home. I do not suppose spending simply three months indoors with a stranger would make a love factor. This is no longer the proper vicinity to discover love. “

On attending a exhibit at some point of COVID-19: Jan stated that he is no longer at all involved about the COVID-19 state of affairs due to the fact he has viewed the producers dealing with the whole thing to that end. The son of the famous playback singer stated that he is anxious about his ride on the exhibit and no longer COVID-19.

Being the first proven contestant of Bigg Boss 14: Jan Kumar Sanu takes pleasure in being the first contestant, whose identify has regarded in the target market earlier than the premiere episode. He said, being first in some thing feels exceptional for all the proper reasons. I used to be excited to be given such a grand introduction and role that I met Salman Sir and I bought a risk to meet Siddharth” Mila.

It used to be really, definitely amazing. “On assembly Salman Khan: Jaan stated that even although his father had sung many songs for Salman, he did no longer get a risk to meet the superstar. Jaan Kumar Sanu stated that when he first met Salman on the show, he was once totally shocked, trembling, and nervous. “I was once certainly stupid when I met Salman sir, I ought to now not get myself to speak for some time.

Jaan Kumar Sanu – Instagram

I used to be worried and trembling. I have been a big fan of Salman sir for a very lengthy time, ” said. Siddharth Shukla guided him for this season: Jaan Kumar Sanu stated that it used to be a huge deal for him to take guidelines from Siddharth Shukla as he considers him a ‘wonderful person’. He stated that he had a enjoyable dialog about the exhibit and how the dynamics alternate indoors.

Apart from Jaan Kumar Sanu, different achievable faces coming into the residence this 12 months are Rubina Dilac, Abhinav Shukla, Pavithra Punia, Jasmine Bhasin, Jia Manek, Ejaz Khan, and Nishant Singh Malkani.

Jaan Kumar Sanu is coming into Bigg Bos’s residence with an open thought and will continue to be away from any strategy. He says, “You can not go into Bigg Boss residence with a positive strategy. The sport is truely dynamic, it continues changing. You have to make selections on the spot. I will solely manipulate my self, I am a person. I will be actual and straightforward in form. “

There had been many singers as the first contestants in Bigg Boss however Jaan Kumar Sanu feels that he can add a exclusive element. “I suppose my identify is North. How many humans will be known as Jan? Bigg Boss ke Ghar Mein Jaan lane vala primary hello hounga

Jaan Kumar Sanu is so excited to go Bigg Boss 14 to meet Salman Khan and he said his dream become true
Jaan Kumar Sanu is so excited to go Bigg Boss 14 to meet Salman Khan and he said his dream become true

(I will add existence to Bigg Boss house). I am a very completely happy character and I without difficulty make friends. There is going to be a lot of singing, fun, and joking. “However, when met with the severe combat at home, he takes a stand and makes his factor clear. “I have each sides. I am no longer a very opinionated character till I am encouraged.

At the digital BB14 press conference, Jaan Kumar Sanu had a chat with her favored contestant, Siddharth Shukla, winner of BB13. He says, “I’ve been rooting for Sid when you consider that day 1 due to the fact I for my part resonate with him on a lot of things.

He was once proper in accordance to his morals and beliefs. He in no way held again about anyone, It was once alternatively the opposite. Many cherished him and many hated him. Earlier, in a few episodes, I would inform my mom that I would have executed this if I had been there and in the subsequent episode Sid would have carried out precisely that. So, Apart from making me angry, I am going to painting in a comparable way.

Jaan Kumar Sanu has been a fan of Salman Khan for years and working with the actor is a dream come authentic for him. He says, “The first film I noticed in a theater was once the baby Hello Brother.

Jaan Kumar Sanu – Instagram

I used to be so excited to see Salman sir on the display screen that I used to be standing in my seat and gazing the complete film. I used to be being yelled at by means of human beings for sitting back, however I did now not hear them. I have been a fan of his for a lengthy time however by no means bought a danger to have interaction with him. It is a exceptional success for me to work with him. “

Earlier, Jaan Kumar Sanu Father Kumar Sanu had additionally praised his son for his new experience and posted a video congratulating him. Talking about that, Jaan says, “My father used to be involved that Bigg Bos’s residence is very aggravating and extreme. People are made to fulfill a aspect of themselves, even they do now not prevail.

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