Hanuman Jayanti 2023: Lessons and Inspirational Quotes from Lord Hanuman

Celebrate Hanuman Jayanti 2023 with inspiring quotes and lessons from Lord Hanuman. Learn about the importance of strength, devotion, and humility in leading a successful life.

Hanuman Jayanti 2023: Inspirational Quotes and Lessons from Hanuman

Hanuman Jayanti is a significant Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Hanuman, who is considered one of the most revered deities in Hindu mythology. He is known for his unwavering devotion to Lord Rama and his immense strength and courage. Hanuman Jayanti falls on the full moon day of the Hindu lunar month of Chaitra and is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm by devotees all over the world.

On this auspicious occasion, let’s take a look at some inspiring quotes and lessons from Lord Hanuman that can motivate us to lead a successful and fulfilling life.

  1. “Jab tak tumne apne pairon pe kulhadi nahi maari hai, tumhe pata hi nahi chalega ki tum kitni takatwar ho.” (Until you have hit an axe on your own feet, you won’t realize how strong you are.) This quote by Lord Hanuman teaches us the importance of facing challenges in life. It is only when we face adversity and overcome it that we realize our true strength and potential.
  2. “Jo siddhi tumhari sharnagat hain, unke prabhav se hi tumhara antaratma jagrit hota hai.” (It is the power of your achievements that awakens your inner self.) This quote emphasizes the importance of setting goals and achieving them. When we accomplish something that we have been striving for, it not only brings us a sense of fulfillment but also helps us realize our true potential.
  3. “Manojavam marutatulyavegam, jitendriyam buddhimatam varishtham.” (Lord Hanuman is described as having the speed of the wind, the power of Lord Vishnu, and the intelligence of the wisest sages.) This quote highlights the remarkable qualities of Lord Hanuman and reminds us to strive for excellence in all aspects of our lives.
  4. “Yatra yatra raghunatha kirtanam, tatra tatra kritha masthakanjalim.” (Wherever the glory of Lord Rama is sung, Hanuman is present there with folded hands.) This quote teaches us the importance of devotion and humility. Just like Lord Hanuman, we too should remain dedicated to our beliefs and remain humble in our pursuits.
  5. “Ram naam ke hire moti, man mein jyoti, jag mein pratap.” (The name of Lord Rama is like a precious jewel that illuminates our minds and brings glory to the world.) This quote emphasizes the importance of faith and devotion in one’s life. When we have unwavering faith in a higher power, we can overcome any obstacle and lead a fulfilling life.

In conclusion, Hanuman Jayanti is not just a day of celebration but also an opportunity to learn from Lord Hanuman’s teachings and apply them to our daily lives. Let us strive to be like Lord Hanuman – strong, determined, humble, and devoted – and lead a successful and fulfilling life.

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