Fasting story of big Mahashivaratri festival (Mahashivratri 2021 Katha)

Fasting story of Mahashivaratri festival

Mahashivaratri In in the past instances there was once a hunter named Chitrabhanu. He raised his household with the aid of killing animals. He used to be a moneylender’s debtor, however should now not repay his mortgage on time.

The irritated moneylender took the hunter captive at Shivamath. Coincidentally it used to be Shivaratri that day. The hunter pondered and saved listening to non secular matters associated to Shiva. He additionally heard the story of Shivaratri speedy on Chaturdashi.

Just in the evening, the moneylender referred to as him to him and talked about repaying the loan. The hunter left the bond the subsequent day, promising to repay the complete loan. Like his every day routine, he went out searching in the forest. But due to being in captivity all day, he was once disturbed through starvation and thirst. He went too far, looking out for prey.

When it acquired dark, he idea that the night time would have to be spent in the woodland itself. The wooded area climbed a vine tree by way of the aspect of a pond and waited for the night time to pass.

Under the consignment tree was once the Shivling which used to be blanketed with bilvapatras. Hunter may want to now not locate the person. The twigs he broke whilst making the halt coincidentally fell on the Shivling. In this way, fasting and thirsty hunters additionally fasted for the duration of the day, and the leaflets had been additionally climbed on the Shivling. At one o’clock in the night, a pregnant lady got here to drink water at the deer pond.

As quickly as the hunter drew an arrow on the bow and drew it, Hirani said, ‘I am pregnant. Will supply quickly You will kill two creatures together, which is now not right. I will provide start to the infant and will be introduced to you soon, then kill it. ‘

The hunter loosened the go and the deer disappeared into the wild bushes. At the time of providing and loosening, some bilva papers spontaneously broke and fell on the lingam. In this way, the worship of the first Prahar used to be additionally carried out inadvertently.

Shortly after, any other Hirani emerged from there. The hunter used to be on cloud nine. After coming close, he put the bow on the arrow. Seeing him, Hirani humbly pleaded, ‘O hunter! I retired from the season a whilst back. I am lustful. I am wandering in search of my beloved. I will meet my husband and come to you soon. ‘

The hunter let him go as well. He used to be perturbed over dropping his prey twice. He used to be in all varieties of thoughts. It was once the ultimate hour of the night. This time too, some bell-papers fell on the Shivling with a bow, and the worship of every other Prahar used to be additionally completed.

Then every other Hirani got here out from there with her children. It was once a golden probability for hunters. He did now not take lengthy to shoot arrows at the bow. He used to be about to drop the arrow that Hirani said, ‘O hunter!’ I will return these young people to their father. Do no longer kill me this time.

The hunter laughed and said, depart the prey exposed, I am no longer such a fool. I have misplaced my prey twice before. My kids have to be getting hungry and thirsty. In reply, Hirani once more said, as you are tormenting the love of your children, simply like me too. Hey hunter! Trust me, I promise to depart them to their father and return immediately.

Hearing the humble voice of Hirani, the hunter felt pity for him. He let that hen get away too. In the absence of looking and distraught with starvation and thirst, the hunter used to be unknowingly sitting on the vine tree and throwing down the bell paper. When the sunrise broke, a sturdy deer got here on the identical path. The hunter idea that he would in reality hunt it.

Seeing the trunk of the hunter, the antelope stated in a well mannered voice, O hunter! If you have killed three antelopes and small young people coming before me, do now not lengthen in killing me too, so that I do no longer have to go through even a single second in their disconnection. I am the husband of these deer. If you have given them life, please supply me a few moments of existence too. I will meet you and show up earlier than you.

As quickly as he heard the deer, the complete night time cycle occurred in the front of the hunter, he narrated the complete story to the deer. Then the deer said, ‘The way my three better halves have long gone as promised, I will no longer be in a position to comply with my faith with my death. So, simply as you have left him as a confidant, let me go as well. I will show up earlier than you quickly with all of them. ‘

The hunter let him go as well. Thus got here the morning. The worship of Shivaratri used to be accomplished inadvertently due to fasting, night-awakening, and mountaineering of the bell-sheet on Shivling. But inadvertently, he acquired the end result of the worship carried out immediately. The predator’s violent coronary heart grew to become clean. Bhagavadashakti dwells in it.

Shortly afterward, the antelope seemed earlier than the household hunter, so that he should hunt them. But the hunter was once very sorry to see such veracity, sattvikta, and collective love of wild animals. He gave lifestyles to the antelope family.

Unknowingly following the quick of Shivaratri, the hunter attained salvation. When the Yamdoots got here to take his creature in death, the Shivguns despatched him returned and took the hunter to Shivalik. It used to be solely through the grace of Shiva that in this delivery of his life, King Chitrabhanu was once capable to take into account his preceding lifestyles and after understanding the significance of Mahashivaratri, he may want to observe it in his subsequent lifestyles as well.

According to the prediction of the hunter, Mahadev additionally offers the end result of a quickly inadvertently. But, Mahadev was once thrilled with the compassion of the hunter. Despite his family’s distress, the hunter let the antelope go. This compassion is that hunter in these words.

And makes it great with the priests, who choose to please Shiva solely by means of night time awakening, fasting, and milk, curd and bell-leaf, etc.

The most essential issue in this story is that in this story, unique emphasis is laid on ‘Unknowingly worshiped’. This does now not suggest that Shiva accepts the worship carried out in any way, or can’t distinguish between going to Bholenath or worship inadvertently.

That hunter was once now not worshiping Shiva. This additionally skill that he was once no longer even wishing for any type of fruit. He donated time and existence to the deer family which is comparable to Shiva worship. Shiva skill welfare. It used to be due to the welfare of these harmless creatures that he got here to recognize the Shiva thing and was once interviewed with Shiva.

It is additionally no longer crucial to have Mahashivaratri day for philanthropy. The Purana describes 4 sorts of Shivaratri worship. Monthly Shivaratri, First Adi Shivaratri, and Mahashivratri. The final Shivaratri noted Purana is – Nitya Shivaratri. Every night time is ‘Shivaratri’ if we immerse ourselves in these supreme welfare Ashutosh God and observe the direction of welfare, that is the actual speedy of Shivaratri.

According to the Hindu calendar, the pageant of Mahashivaratri is celebrated each 12 months on the Chaturdashi date of the Krishna Paksha of the month of Falgun. Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva are worshiped on this day. It is stated that on Shivaratri, Lord Shiva opened his 0.33 eye and destroyed this world. At the equal time, some humans additionally say that Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva had been married on this day.

The pageant of Mahashivaratri is regarded very distinctive in Sanatan Dharma. Worshiping Lord Shiva on Mahashivaratri eliminates all struggling and overcomes fear. According to beliefs, one ought to pay attention to the Katha with the aid of worshiping Mahashivaratri.

Mahashivratri fasting legend (Mahashivratri 2021 Katha):

According to experts, this story of a hunter named Chitrabhanu is determined in the Shiva Purana. A lengthy time in the past Chitrabhanu used to hunt to feed his family. Due to being poor, he used to take a mortgage from a moneylender, which he may want to now not repay on time. One day the moneylender imprisoned Chitrabhanu to get better his debt, due to which Chitrabhanu had to continue to be hungry thirsty.

Meanwhile, Chitrabhanu worshiped Lord Shiva. To settle the cash for Chitrabhanu, the moneylender left him in the evening, after which Chitrabhanu wandered in the jungle to discover prey. It used to be a night time from wandering nighttime however he may want to now not locate a single victim. There was once a vine tree nearby which he climbed, a Shivling was once existing below that vine tree.

Chitrabhanu supplied Bellapatra on such a Shivalinga:
Due to Chitrabhanu, the bell paper persevered to smash and fell on the Shivling. Being hungry and thirsty in the course of the day, Chitrabhanu had surrendered a bell leaf on the Shivling, unknowingly proper at night. A pregnant Hirani got here close to the pond at night. Chitrabhanu used to be about to kill the pregnant Hirani when the pregnant Hirani informed her that she used to be going to supply beginning to her infant soon.

I will supply start to my toddler and I will come again to you, then you will hunt me. Hearing the speak of pregnant Hirani, Chitrabhanu let her go, consequently the first stroke of Mahashivaratri additionally passed.

This is how the 2d Prahar worship ended:
Chitrabhanu was once looking for prey when some other deer got here from there. On seeing Hirani, Chitrabhanu used to be prepared for searching when Hirani instructed her that she had simply come free from the season and used to be looking for her husband. Hirani promises her that she will meet her husband and return to the hunt. Chitrabhanu let him go, accordingly the remaining stroke additionally passed. Due to Chitrabhanu, the Belapatra fell returned on the Shivling due to which the worship of the 2nd Prahar additionally ended.

Chitrabhanu additionally freed the 1/3 Hirani:
After some time the 0.33 Hirani got here from there with her children, Chitrabhanu once more geared up to hunt for Hirani. Hirani stated that she will depart these kids to her father and come back. Hearing Hirani, Chitrabhanu left him as well. In this way, Chitrabhanu stored quick for the total day and wakened at night.

Chitrabhanu gave existence to the fourth deer:
Chitrabhanu used to be immersed in his debt and household worries when a deer came there. Deer searching at Chitrabhanu stated that if you have killed three deer and their teens then solely you can kill me. And if you have left them, then go away me also, I will come again right here with my complete family.

Chitrabhanu advised the incident that the deer happened, then the deer spoke back that the three deer have been his wife. If you kill me, these three Hirani will now not be in a position to fulfill their promise. Trust me I will be returned right here quickly with my complete family.

Chitrabhanu attained salvation and Shivaloka:
Hearing the deer, Chitrabhanu let him go. In this way, Chitrabhanu modified his coronary heart and his idea grew to be pure. Throughout the night time Chitrabhanu worshiped Lord Shiva, due to which Lord Shiva grew to become thrilled with him. After some time the deer reached Chitrabhanu with his complete family.

Chitrabhanu was once very completely happy to see Deer and his household and pledged to supply lifestyles to Deer’s complete family. In this way Chitrabhanu attained moksha and after his death, he received a area in Shivaloka.

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